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VES-Artex Storm Fans

Artex's most powerful circulation fan, 72" in diameter with adjustable louvers to direct air over and under cows, cooling them, controlling insects, drying bedding and ensuring the comfort of your animals and employees.  Easily installed on steel posts, building columns or suspended from the ceiling, Storm Fans are built to last, offering easy cleaning and years of trouble free operation.

VES-Artex Breeze Fans in dairy barn

A lightweight and well-balanced fan available in 36”, 50”, 55”, and 72” options with no roof height restrictions for installation.  Ideal for tunnel or natural ventilation barns, these fans work well in a variety of fan combinations to improve both air circulation and distribution.  With a smooth surface for quick cleaning, a fully enclosed motor and a quick-change belt for easy maintenance.

VES-Artex Stalls in dairy barn

Offering a range of ventilation solutions to suit every barn's needs, Artex encompasses everything from small basket fans to large scale exhaust fans, with options for both cows and calves alike.  View Artex's webpage to browse their solutions.

Canarm Curtain on dairy barn

With a variety of curtain options to suit every barn, climate and scale, Faromor provides the ultimate in comfort and dependability.  Curtains vary in height from 3 to 14 feet and are available with multiple mounting and opening options.  Browse Canarm Ag-Systems website to explore their solutions.

Canarm Ventilation Chimneys

An alternative to an overshot roof, chimneys provide ventilation while stopping the elements from entering the barn. The FRP Chimney is available in three sizes - 24", 30", and 36" - and has a fully insulated duct section. The large 60" x 60" FRP Chimney's plastic molded roof is the largest in the industry and allows for large coverage to reduce rain and snow entry into the chimney.

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