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Dunlop Work Boots on dairy farmer


We carry Dunlop and Bekina boots with sizes ranging from 4-14, both winter and summer styles are available.  Talk to your route truck salesman or visit us in-store.

Farm workers coveralls

Clothing & Coveralls

We carry a variety of coveralls, including milker coveralls, classic coveralls, and milking aprons in all sizes, as well as milker sleeves and other milking accessories.

Hoof-Sol Foot Spray for Dairy Cows

Diamond Hoof Care & Animal Health provides a range of approved Canadian Veterinary Health products.  Their products include foot baths, spray and an eco-bath, along with hoof gel, a hoof wrap removal tool and an aerosol.  Talk to your route truck salesman or visit us in store for more information.

Legend Rubber Parlour Tiles

Legend Rubber parlour tiles are easy to clean with no holes to trap dirt, and interlock to form a seamless, comfortable floor designed for the operator.  Reversible to create any desired pattern, talk to our sales team or visit us in

store with any inquiries.

For All Inside Sales

Call the shop, ask for Peter - (604) 853-2372

Peter Vanwoudenberg Inside Sales
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