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VMS Robotic Milker

Using robotic technology VMS Robots milk 24/7, giving you more milkings per day without increasing labour hours.  Cows and VMS are both managed with complementary computer programs, creating flexible working hours and remote access.  

DeLaval Parallel Parlour

The classic parlour system, with both Herringbone and Parallel options available, gives you the flexibility to expand your herd at will.  Fast throughput for efficient milkings combined with heavy-duty materials makes these parlours last a life time.

DeLaval Herringbone Rotary Parlour

The most efficient milking system for medium to large herds, rotary parlours bring the cows to the operator, reducing labour time and costs and allowing you to focus on other tasks.

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Automatic dipping and flushing clusters that prevent mastitis, save on time and labour, and can easily be installed between milkings.


Cooling and storage solutions for every farm size and need.


A farm management system that records, monitors, and analyzes data of animals and systems, allowing you to make informed decisions and keep meticulous records.

An advanced analysis system that tracks every cow, testing their milk for signs of mastitis, ketosis and where they are in their reproductive cycle.

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Automated pre and post-teat spraying to save time and money while maintaining udder health.  The TSR is an accurate, optimal and consistent method for teat spraying, available for parallel rotaries.

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Milking systems to service the cornerstone of every dairy farm

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