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A revolutionary robotic experience,

J&D is proud to introduce our newest robot the Delaval VMS V300.  Four years in development, two of which were on eight test farms alongside and in unison with already operational VMS Classic's that were on these farms.  The VMS V300's three main components are DeLaval InSight, DeLaval PureFlow and DeLaval InControl.  InSight, a new vision system with an advanced camera and teat finding software, delivers a fast and smooth attachment with a 99.8% attachment rate and a 99% teat spray hit rate.  PureFlow, a new transparent wash cup prepares and washes each teat, leaving a clean dry teat before milking in accordance with CQM requirements.  InControl offers a new mobile and desktop user experience, giving you the ability to control all aspects of your farm both on and off location.  Everything from sort gates to cameras and individual cow settings can be controlled and shared with staff, creating accessibility and flexibility with your routines.  Yes, we are very excited about this product because it is a game changer! 

V300 cut out front black.jpg

VMS Classic

Since its inception the DeLaval VMS Classic has been a leader in robotic milking.  Built with heavy duty all stainless construction the VMS Classic has stood the test of time, with one unit in Canada reaching one million milkings in 2018.   The success of the Classic has lead to the establishment of the V300, building upon and refining the VMS experience.  Over the years the Classic has seen software and hardware upgrades that have serviced all versions equally, these upgrades will continue, allowing both the Classic and V300 to work together, simultaneously milking cows with the same software in the same barn.

Check out some photos and videos below!

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