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DeLaval Evanza™ Milking Cluster

"The future of milking is here."

The most efficient milking cluster we've ever developed - for more milk with better udder health & minimal service.

Why Is It Better?

More milk, better udder health with less labour required

Less than 1 minute to exchange 4 cartridges

Up to 7% shorter milking time**

x4 lifetime of short milk tube**

Up to 9.3% higher milk flow

x2 lifetime of cartridge**

Up to 58% shorter service time

Up to 92% improvement in teat condition scoring

Up to 83% less slip**

* Data from Kiel University study. Results may vary and are not guaranteed.

** Data from our pilot farms, not contractual.

Evanza Milking Clusters in Dairy Farm Milking Parlour

DeLaval Turn&Milk™ 

Fast exchange of cartridge and short milktube.

The DeLaval Clover™ Cartridge with built-in teatcup introduces the teatcup liner into the milking cluster in a fraction of the time. The replacement of four cartridges takes less than a minute. Even the short milk hose can be easily changed with a bayonet lock - this saves you valuable working time and costs.

Evanza Milking Cluster
Evanza Milking Cluster

DeLaval TopFlow™ 

Less air bubbles and shorter 
milking time

The unrivaled DeLaval TopFlow ™ technology can handle the highest milk flows and supports good udder health. In our test farms we were able to reduce the milking time by up to 7% and the number of air ingresses by up to 83%. The milking cluster is also lighter and well balanced. The special grip zones support a light and ergonomic attachment of the milking cluster

DeLaval Clover™ Cartridge 

Increased Milking Performance

Ground-breaking cartridge construction with incorporated DeLaval Clover™ design for increased milking performance and lifetime.

Evanza Milking Cluster

J&D Service Team

Ensuring continued milking performance

Maintaining peak performance for your milking system is essential, much like tending to a diligent worker. It necessitates regular maintenance, servicing, and the replacement of oils, filters, liners, and detergents, along with routine cleaning. J&D prides itself on providing exceptional service along with the best products in the industry. Here are some of the friendly faces working hard to keep your dairy operation functioning at the highest level, 24/7 365 days a year.

Tony VanLaar
Curtis Ridder
Matt Wikkerink
Luke VanHuizen
Paul Schewa
Caleb Munro
Siem De Marie
Eric Pelz
Dave Knudson
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