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DeLaval Body Condition Score Camera

Body Condition
Score Camera

Accurate body condition scores enable better feed planning, which helps to ensure your cows have healthy body fat reserves. This promotes milk production, reproductive efficiency and cow longevity. The DeLaval BCS is a fully automated scoring system that eliminates the guesswork and inaccuracies of manual evaluation.

Improve cow health

Accurate feeding

Increase milk production

Improve breeding and calving

Reduce labour costs

Key Benefits

Jersey Cow on a dairy farm

Improve Cow Health

Body condition scores act as an early warning system. When a cow deviates from the ideal body condition score curve you can respond on sooner to help your cows be healthier and more productive.
Dairy Cows Eating Sileage

Accurate Feeding

Body condition scores are used as a critical measure of how effective the feeding strategy is on a farm. Knowing the accurate body condition score of your cows every day can help you plan a feeding strategy to ensure your cows maintain the correct balance throughout lactation.
Milking in a rotary parlour on dairy farm

Profitable Milk Production

Keeping your cows at the ideal condition during lactation helps to ensure that fresh cows milk well, become pregnant on time and that you can reduce feed cost and intakes in late lactation to deliver profitable milk production and longevity.
Calves on sawdust with swinging calve brush

Successful Reproduction and Calving

Having regular scores can be used to ensure cows have the ideal condition at insemination and calving. The right body condition throughout the pregnancy can reduce calving and post calving problems, while ensuring calves have an ideal start to life.
Dairy Farm worker in parlour

Reduce Labour Costs

Automatic body condition scoring eliminates the need for manual scoring. This means you can use your time to carry out other important tasks on the farm, confident that accurate body condition scores are being recorded, automatically.

Optimize the feeding strategy on your farm.

Adjustment of your feeding strategy, is the key that unlocks consistent, reliable productivity, longevity and reproduction results. With the addition of a DeLaval body condition scoring BCS you are able to automatically record accurate, consistent body condition scores for every cow, every milking, every day. This 3D mapping technology generates the data that when analyzed using another of the exclusive DeLaval BioModels is able to alert you instantly to changes in condition before they are even visible, allowing you to act faster to prevent future problems.


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