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Standard Self Locks VES-Artex

Designed with durability and cow comfort in mind, Artex standard self locks have continuous welds, heavier components, and no steel-on-steel wear to increase longevity.  Having quick release mechanisms, good head and neck spacing, plus noise reducing hardware and easy installation, means self locks are beneficial for cows and farmers alike.

Curved Self Locks VES-Artex

Artex's most cow friendly feed front, CSL headlocks are designed with larger herds and mature animals in mind, featuring an exceptionally wide top opening and a curved rail that helps to minimize contact with a cow’s head.  With quick release mechanisms, noise reduction, minimal moving parts and easy mount installation CSL headlocks are built to perform and last.   

Sloped Feed Rail VES-Artex

Great for spaces where self locks are not needed, Artex sloped feed rail is designed to teach calves to put their heads in at shoulder height and lower them to eat.  Built to last and available in a range of sizes for different feeding solutions.

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