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DeLaval Plus Behavior Analysis at Bokma Farms, Nova Scotia, Canada

DeLaval Plus Behavior Analysis at Bokma Farms, Nova Scotia, Canada

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Example of how the network communicates with ear tags, and nodes in the barn to deliver information back to your office
With DeLaval Plus Behaviour Analysis you have a tool that seamlessly integrates into your operation to give you and your team total visibility and oversight of your cows 24/7. It helps improve labour efficiency, reproduction outcomes, and animal productivity, welfare and health.

DeLaval Plus
Behaviour Analysis

Artificial Intellegience learns and deliver information you can use to improve your dairy operation.

Powered by 
Artificial Intellegience

DeepBlue is our most sophisticated model of cow behaviour, using artificial intelligence to find patterns that in many instances we just didn’t know were there. DeepBlue searches, it finds trends and patterns, we validate and figure out how to make them valuable for you. Thanks to DeepBlue, the system provides a state of the art heat detection, rumination and eating behaviour calculations, powered by AI. And, they can get better overtime as AI models continue learning.
Behaviour Analysis wand and phone system being used by a farmer in the barn

Find Sick Cows Faster

The Behaviour Analysis ear tag measures deviations on rumination and eating time, and may help you find sick cows earlier. But the system is much more powerful than that thanks to the integration of data with the other DeLaval sensors from your milking system. That is what DeLaval Plus Behaviour Analysis means, seamless integration to help you easily find sick cows.
Image of the Behaviour Analysis ear tag on a Holstein cow

Find Cows In Heat

The activity and behaviour of cows is measured by the Behaviour Analysis ear tag, and this data is analyzed by artificial intelligence to calculate the heat probability. DeLaval Plus will provide an easy-to-use list of cows to inseminate and an indication of the best insemination time. This will greatly help you improve the reproduction performance on your herd.
Office system being used by a farm employee

Cow's Localization

Know the whereabouts of every cow in your barn, on your PC screen and in the DeLaval Companion app on your phone. Make finding a cow a breeze, saving time, money and avoiding disturbing your cows. Analyze behaviour and time budgets per cow, knowing how much time they spend on each area every day: feeding area, cubicles, walking areas, milking areas, etc.
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