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VES-Artex Freestalls

Our cow comfort philosophy is centered around the fact that the more a cow lays down the more milk she will produce, our free-stall systems are built with this in mind. We offer stall systems to suit any management style and our systems easily fit into existing facilities or new barn designs with a variety of mounting options.

Promat Cow Mattresses

Promat offers a range of cow mattresses to suit every management style and comfort level, with the overall idea that the more a cow lays down the more milk she produces and the better her overall health.  Promat’s patented, industry leading top covers ensure moisture protection of the mattress system while providing an easy to clean, durable and comfortable surface for your cows.

VES-Artex Calf Zone Pens

With removable PVC walls Artex Standard Calf Zone Pens offer versatile solutions, allowing you to isolate calves in the first few weeks and remove panels to group them together later.  Sliding panels facilitate easy cleaning while feed fronts come with two openings and a variety of bucket and bottle holder sizes.  Mountable to structural walls or stand alone pens, with customizable walls and back walls. 

Custom Fabrication

Custom Gates
& Fencing

At J&D we fabricate custom gates and fencing to suit any barn need.  Fencing spans up to 10ft between posts, free hanging gates up to 18ft, both are made of 1.5" galvanized steel, and custom designed with our in-house barn design team to create optimal cow flow. 

Call Us: (604) 853-2372

Ken Anderson

Custom Fabrication Team

Precision Welding, Personlized Solutions

At J&D, our Custom Fabrication Team (Ken Anderson) blends innovation and precision to bring your visions to life. With expert craftsmanship, we create bespoke metalwork tailored to your exact needs. From concept to completion, we're committed to exceeding expectations and building lasting partnerships. Discover the difference precision welding and personalized solutions can make.

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